Accents of France designs and manufactures standard and custom decorative treillage inspired by 18th century French designs.

Our savoir-faire goes beyond decorative treillage, as we also offer a wide assortment of accessories such as Versailles planters, jardinières, obelisks, vases, urns, light fixtures, and furniture.

Accents of France designs and manufactures standard and custom, classic and contemporary trellises for parks and gardens, terraces, and interiors. The trellis has become a decorative architectural element whose applications for exterior and interior are multiple cladding facades and walls, window screen, porch, pavilion, gazebo, alcove, trompe l’oeil and many more…

In the spirit of a decorative lattice, Accents of France also offers a wide collection of Versailles planters made out of wood, iron or aluminum. We manufacture standard and custom planters. The design, dimensions, size, color, and material of each planter can be customized. Our materials are meant to resist any type of weather throughout the year

Our collection of vases, urns & pedestals is handmade in wood or aluminum with an exterior paint finish. Our vases are made to withstand exterior conditions. The Vases can be customized (dimensions, size, material, finish) upon request

Accents of France manufactures standard and custom furniture, giving additional elegance to latticework. We offer a wide collection of furniture: benches, chairs, consoles and mirrors, luminaries, tables and vases. Our furniture is handmade and withstand exterior conditions. Custom work can be done on the dimensions, curves, materials and finishes

About Us

The ancient Art of treillage goes all the way back to Antiquity. Originally designed to support climbing vines, the form of latticework became a decorative element in gardens. During the Middle Ages, vines were intertwined with rosebushes and honeysuckle branches to create outdoor living spaces hidden from public view. The use of treillage continued to grow, extending to formal castle parks and gardens, until it became a distinctive architectural technique during the Renaissance.

The 17th century was the Golden Age of Treillage. The Sun King of France, Louis XIV, hired André Le Nôtre to design and build the gardens for his castle in Versailles. The visionary landscape designer used simple geometric lines to force perspective, forming unique spaces and creating the most impressive formal French garden the world had ever known.


A great project starts with a great design. At Accents of France, our 20+ year-experience allows us to customize every project based on the drawings provided by our clients (designers, architects or end users) or to help them with our own designs. Our styles range from classic treillage to chinoiserie accents to contemporary sets.

All our products are built in wood or metal, mainly aluminum, and are designed to withstand the seasonal changes all year long (rain, wind, extreme heat, etc.). Our products are still handmade using the traditional techniques while incorporating new technologies and materials, to ensure the highest quality.

As the final step, the on-site installation is crucial to the overall quality of the decor. We can send our team of skilled specialists anywhere in the world to install our treillage, or provide local installers with detailed instructions. For custom work, the installers strictly follow the dimensions indicated on the drawings given by the project designers and/or architects.