Wood colomns work

Manufacturing of wood colonnade project

Pointe de Hongrie Planter

Pointe de Hongrie planters painted 2 colors

Vase De Prestige

Natural Vase de Prestige with carved flowers. AOF Collection

Beautiful Blue

So glad to share this Aluminum Treillage Planter painted in a beautiful custom Blue color.

New planter

Aluminum Slats planter, painted in custom color. Sizes and colors available upon request.

Treillage facade

Wood decorative treillage on a facade with moldings and baseboards.

Pedestal & Vase Trianon

Custom pedestal Trianon with standard Trianon vase, all in aluminum

Aluminum table

Custom dinning table with lazy Susan in the center. Painted in a custom color

Aluminum pavilion

In a nice private property, custom pavilion in aluminum with copper roof.

Interior of a sun room

In private residence, custom interior wood decorative treillage.

Custom Wood Console

Console a ronds, custom size and painted in custom color

French Art Model in Mahogany

This model has been made and presented to the show Maison & Objet Paris in January 2020.

Custom aluminum Beauvais jardiniere

Custom size of our Beauvais jardiniere in aluminum, painted in custom color.

Custom backyard

Shown in treillage/against the wall

Pergola in Aluminum

shown in treillage/pavilion

Need to change your interior??

Custom Tv Cabinet in wood

Enjoy your garden!

Bench, chairs, table…

Round Aluminum Cross planter with stainless steel finials

New collection ” Aluminum Round Cross planter”

Welcome to to show Maison & Objet 2018

We are ready to welcome you to M&O from January 19 to 23, Hall 7 booth J204

Accents of France- Maison & Objet 2018- Hall 7 Booth J204

Come to see us to Maison & Objet in Paris from January 19 to 23, 2018.

What a difference a detail can make…

This leaf was part of a top pilaster. It shows our attention to detail and our savoir-faire. Check out our other detail pictures on our website!

Want to have a party in your backyard?

We have the perfect solution for your music needs! We now offer planters customized to accommodate your speakers. Check it out! We can make any size, any style you want…

Our products as seen in C Magazine

In the Sand Castle, featured in the May issue of C Magazine, we worked with Tim Corrigan on patio furniture and carvings above the mirrors. The Mermaid sculptures were reproduced by us!

Accents of France in Veranda!

We have a full page ad in the March-April issue of Veranda! Check it out!

New! The Beauvais Jardiniere

Take a look at our new Console Jardiniere! Made in Wood or Aluminum and painted in the color of your choice, our Beauvais Jardiniere was one of our center pieces at the Maison & Objet Salon in Paris last January. Its beautiful treillage paneling will stand out in any interior decor – hallway, living room, […]

Accents of France now at the Salon Maison et Objet in Paris!

Accents of France is proud to be exhibiting at the prestigious Salon Maison et Objet this weekend. Among other things, our booth features a beautiful pavilion and several of our latest products: the Beauvais jardinière, the Clisson vase, the  Chandelier à frises and our new line of tabletop planters, offered in 4″ and 8″. Check […]

House Beautiful September Issue

Our interior treillage with console and mirror is featured in the September issue of House Beautiful. Check it out!

Montmorency Vase

The Montmorency vase is part of our 2015 collection. This handmade furniture piece comes in wood and can be painted or left with a natural finish. For dimensions or any custom options, please contact us.

Haussmann Planter

Our Haussmann planter is part of our new collection for 2015. This planter comes in aluminum with no finials, which gives it a modern and refined look. It can be customized upon request.

Our custom interior treillage in House Beautiful

Our custom interior treillage is featured in the November issue of House Beautiful. Check it out!

Wood cross Planters

Different sizes and finials on some wood cross planters. They can be customized upon request (finials, design and dimensions)

La Duree Soho – Treillage

Seen on the New York Times today : our treillage at La Duree, in Soho- New York.

Aluminum Box d’Orangerie

This Box d’Orangerie is all in aluminum. It can be customized and painted in any color you want.

Veranda May-June 2014

Our Josephine Table is featured in Veranda magazine on the May-June issue. Check it out!

Bergere Lounge Chair

This lounge chair is made out of teak with an epoxy yacht finish.

Aluminum Gate

This project in the Caribbeans features a colorful treillage gate which is all in aluminum.

Pompadour Corbeille

New furniture piece : Pompadour Corbeille.

Teak Josephine Table and Chairs

This Josephine table a Croix is in teak and the Josephine chairs are in teak as well. They come in this beautiful natural finish but can also be painted. Custom sizes and colors are available upon request.

Veranda March-April 2014

Our Vase and Pedestal de prestige are featured in Veranda Magazine on the March and April issue. Check it out!

Breteuil Bench

New bench with yacht finish. Custom wood species, colors, sizes and designs available upon request.

Maison & Objet

Currently showing our product line and treillage at Maison & Objet in Paris ! Come see us !

Aluminum crossette planter

Our new planter is all in aluminum and can be customized upon request.

Vase Sully

Our new vase for this new year : Vase Sully

Aluminum treillage and planters on balcony

The treillage and planters create a very sophisticated and elegant terrace. The aluminum will remain unchanged over time.

Before / After

California cottage transformation to a treillage pavilion

Decorative Treillage installation against a wall

This project demonstrates a real transformation between the first picture and the one showing the garden wall when finished. At first, based on a specific drawing, the wall is rebuilt and the treillage against the wall applied. Finally, the outdoor furniture (vases, pedestals and planters) reinforce the instant architecture created by the trellis. Visit the gallery […]

Project 2

The pictures show the whole manufacturing process of this project. Once the drawing is done, the different parts of the treillage are produced and manufactured. The given space is originally empty. The treillage against the wall gives a real outdoor decor and a nice design. The garden is completely remodeled. Visit the gallery for this […]

Matignon base

The base Matignon is an example of custom-made furniture. It is oak. It is complementary to the trellis.


This corbeille is in oak and the finishes can be customized upon request.    

Project 3

In this project, the interior space is completely remodeled : the ceiling, the floor and the walls are transformed. The interior design ends up giving more space, more dimension, more light and architecture. The mirrors mixed in the treillage against the wall create more depth. Visit the gallery for this project: [wdm_gallery id=32]

Project 4

Treillage fencing with gate The latticework creates an elegant separation between the house and the street for more privacy. Visit the gallery for this project: [wdm_gallery id=32]

Project 5

Some mirrors and a blue treillage were added to the original space. The different pictures show the whole process of transformation with the drawings, the manufacturing and the installation. The indoor architecture gives a lot more space and a lot more depth. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=35]

Project 6

This project show a decorative treillage on a terrace with mirrors. The outside area was originally simple and empty with an old wall. The treillage, with the planters create an outdoor decor. The mirrors give much more depth to the outside space. The terrace is turned into a nice and cosy area. Visit the project […]

Project 7

This is another example of decorative treillage on a balcony. The balcony appears brand new, with a real decor and a real architecture. A big transformation can be noticed in comparison with the original look. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=37]

Project 8

Decorative treillage on a balcony. The result is a nicer and more elegant outside area with better looking walls. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=38]

Project 9

This treillage with mirrors create a focal point in the garden.This dark green treillage against the wall fits perfectly in the natural environnement (plants and flowers). Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=39]

Project 10

This project is a decorative treillage on a terrace. The treillage comes with planters which put the emphasis on the plants and flowers and create a more elegant area. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=40]

Project 11

This project consists in a freestanding treillage at the end of a pool. This treillage aims at giving an outdoor decor to the pool area. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=41]

Project 12

This treillage on facade gives more privacy and protection to the property. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=42]

Project 13

This garden was completely remodeled and renewed thanks to a nice treillage and many potted plants. The garden appears a lot more elegant. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=43]

Project 14

Decorative treillage on terrace. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=44]

Project 15

Interior treillage in a dining room. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=45]

Project 16

A huge transformation has been done in this project. Here, the treillage is done in a small garden. The walls end up looking completely different and the mirrors bring depth. A real outdoor decor is created and the outside area is a lot more elegant. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=46]

Project 17

Wainscoting chinoiserie «with antique mirror ». It gives instant architecture to the living room. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=47]

Project 18

Treillage against the wall in small courtyard. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=48]

Project 19

This is an interior treillage that was done here. The verranda is remodeled with a light green treillage against the wall. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=49]

Project 20

Salon booth. It presents several models of treillage with a selection of furniture pieces. Visit the project gallery: [wdm_gallery id=52]


Accents of France trellis designs and manufactures standard and custom, classic and contemporary for parks and gardens, terraces, gardens and interiors. The trellis has become a decorative architectural element whose applications for exterior and interior are multiple cladding facades and walls, window screen, porch, pavilion, gazebo, alcove, trompe l’oeil and many more…


In the spirit of decorative latticed, Accents of France also offers a wide collection of planters made out of wood, iron or aluminum. We manufacture standard and custom planters. The design, dimension, size, color and material of each planter can be customized. Our materials are meant to resist any type of weather throughout the year. […]


Accent of France manufactures standard and custom furniture, giving additional elegance to latticework. We offer a wide collection of furniture: benches, chairs, consoles and mirrors, luminaries, tables and vases. Our furniture is handmade and withstands exterior conditions. Custom work can be done on the dimensions, curves, materials and finishes. We also create and sculpt all […]